Heritage Park Star Party

Contest Rules:

No reservation or fee to participate - you just need your own telescope or nice pair of binoculars.

No computerized, Go-To telescopes allowed.  If yours has this capability, it must be turned off; you must find targets manually.  Motor drives are allowed.

At 9 P.M., all participants will be given The List at the same time.  You must fill out your checklist as you go (Time, Date, etc.)

Some targets on The List may be within our Solar System, but most will be Deep Sky Objects (objects outside of our Solar System).

The first three telescopes to successfully locate all objects will be declared the winners!  If no one is able to successfully locate all targets, the Host will announce an end time and collect everyone's checklists.  The three telescopes who have located the most objects will be declared the winners.

All participants who successfully locate all targets will receive a certificate.

Winners must inform the Host upon completion which pizza they will want for the next day.  Winners will be given a special certificate/voucher to present to the Hoppy Trout at Noon on Eclipse Day to claim their prize.