Murphy Middle School – 5K Shadow Run

Murphy Middle School will be holding a 5K Shadow Run on August 19, 2017.

If you are interested in registering for the event, please complete this form by utilizing the link below and return to Keith Payne:

5K Shadow Run

2 thoughts on “Murphy Middle School – 5K Shadow Run”

  1. i got the flyer to do the Celebrate The Great American Race. we are curious about the course. can you send us the run route please? is it @ the school? or the park? i have heard its @ the park. double checking can you send me all information you have on this race please and thank you

    1. Hi Jonnie,

      This site is just a hub for information from other sources to highlight the events — for more details, please contact Keith Payne at Murphy Middle School by calling (828) 837-0160. Thanks for visiting our site!

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